Uber flying car

Uber revealed its first Uber flying car prototype at second annual Uber elevate summit in Los Angeles, the Company aims to provide airborne taxi service to its users by 2023.

The prototype presented by Uber at summit looks more like a drone than a helicopter with four routers on its wings, uber says that the purpose of four routers is to provide safe passage than helicopter which only has one router.

“Stacked co-rotating rotors or propellers have two rotor systems placed on top of each other rotating in the same direction,” said Uber. “Initial experimentation of this concept has revealed the potential for significantly quieter performance than traditional paired rotors and improved overall performance.”

The company further elaborates that sky-landings and takeoffs will be conducted through the sky-ports, air stations build on ground and rooftop. These flying cars will be powered by electricity and can travel at height of 1000 or 2000 feet. Uber flying car service constructs in a way that it will give a safe passage to other cities and each of “Skkyports” can handle at least 200 takeoffs and landings every hour. Initially, the company said air-crafts will aviate by pilots and then gradually converted to autonomous craft.

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Uber first introduced his plan of an airborne taxi in 2016 but at that time neither shuttling passengers from rooftop to rooftop could possible nor such infrastructures have that potential to support aircraft vehicles and takeoffs, So this plan could not hold longer. Moreover, at this summit, they come with a well-constructed proposal and more strategies to execute.

At the moment, almost 19 companies have been building flying car plans which includes Airbus, Boeing, and a small company owned by Google’s founder Larry Page “Kitty Hawk”. Uber is partnering with NASA to configure news ways of flying cars and air traffic system to control them at low heights. Uber plans to start UberAir first at Los Angeles and Dallas fort worth probably in 2023.

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