Google will talk about some new variations to be enumerated in Andriod at Annual Developers conference, which is scheduled to take place on 8th May Tuesday at its hometown Mountains View, Calif. Google will discuss a new set of controls in Andriod operating system, it will highlight individuals and how much time they consume on mobile devices, According to Washington Post.

Last year, the conference was more focused on installing Artificial intelligence in Smartphones, whereas this year Keynote underline the theme of responsibility, Chief Executive Sundar Pichai is expected to talk on this topic. This is not the first time Google is introducing family restrictions tools called “family link”, Which helps parents to minimize and control usage of mobile and other devices. Certainly, the purpose is to put limitations on excess use of mobile phones which ultimately affects their efficiency during study hours.

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Moreover, from the past few years, social media has become wide open for everyone. Especially children become more addictive towards smartphones, tablets, iPads and other electronic devices. They also have easy access to all kind of information on the internet which sometimes may not be suitable for them, Therefore, Apple in January asked to design such tools that will combat phone addiction in children and Now Google is also doing the same.

Google is also planning to give a glimpse of upcoming operating system Android P that how it works or what kind of features this latest OS carrying. Other announcements like Update of Google assistant and new tools for modified search results, it will also talk about the ongoing Data privacy issues of the tech industry which they are currently facing.

Well, we have to wait until Developers conference to get clear facts on Google’s upcoming updates.

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