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The Silicon Valley-military industrial organization is directly aiming to increase Artificial intelligence engineers, Army of some countries also looking to enhance their weapons basically to operate them on AI technology so that physical force of human could use less in alarming issues. A few weeks earlier, we came to know that Google was involved in Project Maven with Pentagon, but recently the company announced its discontinuation with Pentagon, The purpose of the project is to analyze drone footage for surveillance on the field.

After encountering such events in which technology could use in a wrong way, AI Researchers gather around to file a petition against any AI research which could bring or start autonomous warfare, But we already knew that these autonomous warfare weapons already exist, and also deployed in the field. AI technology like High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM), Aegis combat system, and Harpy.

A former Army ranger Paul Scharre, who had worked in Pentagon office of Secretary of defense said, “The human launching the Harpy decides to destroy any enemy radars within a general area in space and time, but the Harpy itself chooses the specific radar it destroys.”

Moreover, the force of a machine is greater than a human force as when a machine fights in the field the impact it creates is more disastrous than a human intervention whereas some machines might incorporate with sophisticated autonomous features. This process was already demonstrated by the military called OOCD (observe, orient, decide, and act), it works like a cycle, Human can be “in the loop” where they inspect actions of the machine, “on the loop” where they can control machine but most of the action has done independently, and “out of the loop” the stage where it can take its own decisions.

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OOCD loop can also be processed by a drone which means human out of the cycle and might would lead to safer outcomes.

“The world we are creating is one that will have intelligent machines in it, but it is not for them. It is a world for us,” said Scharre.

We should not forget that these AI operated machines or gadgets still owned by us, so it’s better to use advancement of technology towards a constructive side or betterment of people rather than misuse Artificial intelligence to end humanity.

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