Popular publishing platform Automattic, the company behind, has acquired Brooklyn-based publishing company and Award-winning magazine Atavist in an offer to increase the amount of subscription and membership methods it offers to its customers. The Financial terms and conditions of the contract are not disclosed yet.

Atavist will incorporate its storytelling-focused tools into WordPress and shift its user’s base to the most popular publishing platform. The original publishing platform Atavist and magazine were founded in 2011. The members of Atavist will join Automattic, including CEO Jefferson Rabb, Atavist magazine head of Editor Seyward Darby, and head of product communications Kathleen Ross.

Mark Armstrong, the founder of Automattic/WordPress excited welcomed and wrote:

Jeff, Seyward, Kathleen, we’re excited you’re here! You’ve had a terrific run over the past eight years — leading innovation around the design and process of multimedia storytelling, winning many awards along the way.

CEO Jefferson Rabb and Head of Editor Seyward Darby said in WordPress Blog:

I can’t wait for all of the projects they were workshopping to be out in the world, and I hope to bring what I learned there to bear on my work at Automattic, Darby said.

“We were hoping it would be a bigger thing. But we saw people do work that we were proud of on the platform,” Mr. Rabb said. “I feel like, as a fairly small company, we’ve accomplished quite a lot.”

Atavist is a company that works on a content management structure for independent writers and bloggers. On their website, users can write and publish any kind of stories without any restrictions, also can add as much media files as you want. Atavist, which also publishes a journal known as Atavist Magazine will also be joining Automattic. It is not decided if it will also be a part of Longreads or will continue its own method.

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Whereas Automattic is the company behind, Simplenote, WooCommerce, Longreads and few others. Users may consider that WordPress is easy to use and anybody can make a website on But the company creates a paywall and builds a subscription base for their users.