Tesla Inc. in a court case on 20th June took charge over a former employee for hacking into the auto maker’s computer system to steal company confidential and trade-secret information and sending it to an unidentified third party, filed in Federal Court in Nevada. In the Lawsuit the Silicon Valley car maker’s said, the ex-employee, Martin Tripp, confessed conveying of numerous gigabytes to external bodies along with private photos of the production line.

“Tripp retaliated against Tesla by stealing confidential and trade-secret information and disclosing it to third parties and by making false statements intended to harm the company,” the lawsuit said.

The company said that Tripp signed not to reveal company secrets as part of his employment contract. He violated that agreement and lied to the media about the data he stole. He also wrote a computer secret code to send Tesla data off its network. Lawyers said in the lawsuit, Tripp’s behavior was “willful and malicious” and “done with the deliberate intent to injure Tesla’s business.”

Elon Musk wrote in a tweet: “There is more, but the actions of a few bad apples will not stop Tesla from reaching its goals,” also “With 40,000 people, the worst 1 in 1000 will have issues. That’s still ~40 people.”

They also claim that he was using hacking software to operate on three different computer systems of other persons at Tesla so the process of exporting data remain in working and those employees would be mistakenly caught up as guilty parties. The company is also facing vague compensation and severe damages because of the exploitation of data.

To defend himself Martin Tripp told CNN after the case was filed against him.

“I am being singled out for being a whistle blower. I didn’t hack into system. The data I was collecting was so severe, I had to go to the media,” said Tripp.

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Earlier this week, Chief Executive Elon Musk in a memo asked to be vigilant to employees to pay attention to possible saboteurs, stating that an employee is on the mission of conducting an extensive and damaging sabotage to the company’s functions and hacked into the company manufacturing operating structure to sell data.


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