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Amazon has settled down a secret classified lab “Grand Challenge” within its Seattle headquarters. The lab is currently working on bold medical advancement projects to cure cancer, last mile delivery and involved some research on indecipherable medical data. According to a report from CNBC, Grand challenge is operating under Google’s former employees and Google Glass creator Babak Parviz. The lab design is very much similar to Google X moonshots lab, which now known as only “X.”

Babak Parviz and his team were previously working on large projects at Google X, it mainly working on wearable computing and self-driving car unit named as Waymo but he left Google X and start working in Amazon’s classified lab. Grand challenge is a team of researchers whose aim is to explore, invent, and innovate new ideas in medical science that collectively can broaden Amazon’s research platform.

The lab formed in 2014 and since then it has added more than 50 people, Grand challenge is also known as 1492 and Amazon X. Right now, Grand challenge is working with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. According to a report, the teams are currently setting up machinery in the lab to discover ways to cure cancerous cells. It is also working with Amazon web service (AWS) that will be able to detect incorrect data and misdiagnosis of a patient, the process involves unstructured data from medical records to identify issues.

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Alongside these projects, Grand challenge is establishing Last mile delivery service in collaboration with GM and Volvo. The service aims to develop new delivery techniques and methods like they started a way for packages to be dropped inside the house and other is inside the trunk of customer’s car. Moreover, Grand challenge has hired employees through a contest conducted by Amazon known as “Think Big,” It is an intellectual session held annually and involves employees from other techs firms as well, the purpose is to motivate them to think rational ideas and approaches to encounter biggest problems of Human history.

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