Facebook the world’s giant social media network is once again accused of sharing users personal data to device makers, According to a report of New York Times. Almost ten years ago, Facebook began data sharing partnership with device manufacturers Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and Microsoft.

Facebook made a deal with these companies like they will incorporate the Facebook app into the smartphones and combine facebook functions with their operating system such as messaging, contacts, gallery photos, location. Facebook access to users personal information has raised many issues about company’s privacy policy in compliance with the Federal trade commision order in 2011. After that Facebook announced that company will no longer be sharing data but continues to giving information without the user’s consent. In their Defense, facebook decline claims by saying the partnership strictly controlled, and under company security.

Serge Egelman, a privacy researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, who studies the security of mobile apps said in an interview with New York Times, “You might think that Facebook or the device manufacturer is trustworthy, But the problem is that as more and more data is collected on the device and if it can be accessed by apps on the device it creates serious privacy and security risks.”

Although, sharing personal data is against the company privacy policy, and reportedly they are in partnership with 60 device manufactures but it is still unclear whether each of the company access the same level of data. Facebook claims that those deal were necessary as a part of linking Facebook with other third-party apps to extend its connectivity with them.

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Moreover, in March 2018 Facebook faced some severe critics over its Cambridge analytica scandal, CEO of Facebook came under testimony by regulators and lawmakers regarding the data privacy violation. People became furious over this data contravention or how possibly it could share personal information with political firms.

However, when Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress in a testimony, he emphasized about users control over privacy, and what they do, “Every piece of content that you share on Facebook you own,” he said. ”You have complete control over who sees it and how you share it.” All in all, after all these troubles facebook has finally decided to end the partnership with these companies to avoid further issues.