Microsoft healthcare

Like many tech giants, Microsoft was also making its way in the healthcare forum from past several years, but now the company is trying to put together a new Microsoft healthcare team. For this purpose, Microsoft announced adding two health leaders in the group which will formalize the company’s work. The group was formed by healthcare Next initiated last year, which is a company-wide program seeks health-related projects in partnership with companies like Microsoft who is already working in this field.

The two industry veterans are Jim Weinstein and Joshua Mandel, Weinstein was the former CEO of Dartmouth-Hitchcock health system, and now positioned as Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare. On the other hand, Mandel was working at Google’s verily venturing as an executive from past two years and now joins Microsoft health unit as chief architect. Mandel appointed to work meticulously to make an open cloud architect for healthcare staff.

Other than that, Microsoft wants to be a part of Cloud to securely processed healthcare data so that it would not break the confidential requirement of the company. On the top of that, Microsoft healthcare team will become a part of AI research division and Company’s broader AI tech.

“Jim and Josh join us at an exciting time, as healthcare processes undergo a digital transformation, Unfortunately, even with advances in data protection and governance, healthcare data is not easily accessible by the researchers and doctors who need it to help us all realize the potential, siad Peter Lee Head of Mircrosft Healthcare.

“We are taking concrete steps with an initial ‘blueprint’ intended to standardize the process for the compliant, privacy-preserving movement of a patient’s personal health information to the cloud and the automated tracking of its exposure to machine learning and data science.”

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Lee also claims that it won’t be an easy ask for Microsoft to bring advanced technology to healthcare, especially Artificial intelligence as various companies like Alibaba, IBM, Baidu Google are working on similar health unit projects. Certainly, Microsoft has put a lot of effort to differentiate themselves from others by introducing Cloud tech, loT devices, and AI. The company also has several plans about healthcare program to be revealed later this year.