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Nintendo brings a good news for all its fans, the switch version of Minecraft is getting an updated feature which is Cross-play. The update allows cross-play with Xbox One, PC, and smartphones. While on the other hand, Sony didn’t allow Cross-play to Fortnite, Rocket League, and Minecraft. Which means it will not operate on PlayStation 4 or PS4 players can’t play against with Nintendo switch or Xbox one owners.

In 2017, Minecraft Nintendo switch edition came up with a solid hybrid console but it wasn’t compatible with other versions of Minecraft like if you are playing on Nintendo switch you could only play with a player having Nintendo. Now with the recent update, you can play with almost everyone as the new version of the game operates on the same Bedrock Engine that used for Xbox One.

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Moreover, if you have seen the new Minecraft trailer it highlights the Cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo switch being able to play together. The ad also includes a minor sight of Xbox One controller in a Nintendo commercial. The ad also motivates to play, discover and survive together in Minecraft on Nintendo and Xbox One. It is clear now that Microsoft and Nintendo signed a contract to promote Cross-play on Minecraft. Also, it’s very uncommon to see such collaboration between two console rivals, but it does affect Sony to refuse partnership.

There is a very frustrating situation for gamers, and it also doesn’t look positive on the part of Sony because the company has isolated themselves from the rest of the console gaming community. The creators of Rocket league said that they are ready to allow cross-play if Sony gives them permission, the company did no such thing. Apparently, fans are not happy with Sony’s decision, and they might face a backlash from users.

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