Microsoft has announced today they are bringing new user interface for Office apps Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and outlook. The new look will be done in accordance by company’s fluent design system which was launched last year, it gives a makeover to both Microsoft online office apps and PC office. This time the company plans to give it a much simpler look and focus to highlight the basic options so you don’t have to go through difficulty. The tech giant has made sure that you can quickly complete your tasks on time.

There are three major changes made in the design, First is a simplified Ribbon which has merged all traditional three-row view in one line making it simpler to use. The single row shows the most important features and you can also bring back traditional view, simply by expanding the bar.

Microsoft is launching Ribbon design only for the web version because the company fears it might catch up on controversies, therefore, Microsoft holds the wider launch.

“Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Windows offer our deepest, richest feature set – and they’re the preferred experience for users who want to get the most from our apps, Users have a lot of ‘muscle memory’ built around these versions, so we plan on being especially careful with changes that could disrupt their work. We aren’t ready to bring the simplified ribbon to these versions yet because we feel like we need more feedback from a broader set of users first. But when we do, users will always be able to revert back to the classic ribbon with one click.” Microsoft said in the annonucement, according to tech crunch.

The other major redesign is a set of new icons and color scheme, unlike Ribbon look, it going to be available soon on applications but the web version of will get these updates first, followed by the outlook for Windows will come in July and Mac outlook update possibly done in August.

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Another new yet interesting feature is “zero query search,” it is mainly for commercial users because it gives you useful recommendations when you search every time.


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