The standalone Oculus Go headset brings shows, movies and more to the Oculus TV app, you can watch big screen TV without taking up any space. It is a decent all-in-one portable VR device, easy to wear and speakers are of very good quality. The Software works smoothly and fast, also a great number of high-end apps and games accessible on the app.

Oculus is known one of the two major brands in VR that mean the headset will have access to all the amazing things that work in the mobile VR. The hardware looks like a box and the device runs Oculus VR software instead of Android and has access to a huge amount of mobile VR apps, games, and media.

The company stated in their post:

“With Oculus Go available online and in retail stores across more countries, it’s easier than ever for people to enjoy all that standalone VR has to offer. From the convenient entertainment of Oculus TV and the intimacy of a VIP performance in MelodyVR to games like RUSH, Virtual Virtual Reality, and more, there’s something for every taste.”

The TV app sets you into a virtual living room with the equivalent of a 180-inch TV screen and serves you up with 360-degree video. The app gives free content and subscription video options like Red Bull TV, ShowTime, and Pluto. Facebook video content will also be available on the app. The app will also join the likes of Netflix and Hulu which also works for the headset.

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The company made an announcement about the app at Facebook’s F8 expo earlier this year. It is the first app prepared for watching television on Oculus-Go. It connects VR content from the likes of Fox Sports, BBC, Discovery, CNN, Disney, and Facebook. According to reports soon the content from ESPN is coming as well.