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Razer new pair of keyboards is out now the Huntsman and the Huntsman Elite, this will be Razer’s first ever attempt to feature opto-mechanical switches and makes them the new mechanical keyboard. It combines clicking of a mechanical keyboard with an optical sensor and IR based technology; Actuation when the key switch detects the pressing of the button.

The new Mechanical keyboards will come in Matte black chassis, LED lightning and advance customization suits which are pretty much standard. The company said that the keys themselves offered the same feel to the existing Razer green switches that have used in other keyboards. The new technology also means less moving parts and receive less mechanical issues with a longer lifespan. According to news, Razer new huntsman keyboards is rated for 100 million keystrokes.

Furthermore, it features opto-mechanical switches which are the large mechanical keys along with purple plastic bits and a metal hinge. Plus it has 30 percent fast actuation due to an optical sensor than the previous mechanical keys. One thing you will definitely observe is the clicks and clacks of the new mechanical keyboards and it’s loud.

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The base model comes in $149.99 for its opto-mechanical switches and Chroma lightning; a system in which each key lit by a color changing LED beneath and can be customized with a software. The Huntsman Elite model comes in $199.99 along with few new features in it, like Elite offers underglow lightning which lights up the bottom of the desk and area around the keyboard. This new version of the model also includes a magnetic palm rest which also gives an underglow lightning through a POGO pin connector.

On the top of that, it offers multimedia controls both scrolling dial and a button presented top right of the keyboard. Razer’s keyboard fairly an ultimate gaming tool for the game lovers and it is available on Razer website from today.

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