Razor and Microsoft

Keyboard and Mouse support for Xbox has remained a hot topic ever since. Gear up yourself because soon it is going to be the reality of gaming world. For this purpose, the two software giants Razor and Microsoft collaborated with one another to produce mouse and keyboard support for Xbox.

Microsoft has its chroma RGB lightning support in Xbox games which allow players to have an assortment of colors light up on the keyboard, and it is also very efficient to spot ability cooldowns which could be immersive in games like in Overwatch, DOTA2 and other titles. According to Windows central report, Microsoft planned to prepare gadget support for Xbox earlier this year and also guide developers about it, Later The verge confirmed the partnership between these two tech giants.

Earlier this year, at Xfest event for developers Microsoft and Razor talk about its plans and ideas to bring novelty in the game world. Razor also discussed that its developers are now advancing API to bring Chroma lighting effects to games because some games like Age of Empires DE won’t work well only by a controller whereas Minecraft does support Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox one.

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Microsoft company also encourages the developers to analyze how mouse and keyboard players can compete against gamepad players while they make changes which are “highly suggesting” and should be used in individual matchmaking rules with similarly equipped players.

Furthermore, Microsoft will also be supporting a variety of USB mice, which includes wireless dongles, Bluetooth, and custom mouse drivers though, it won’t support Xbox or any other gaming console initially. Microsoft company working or new game APIs that can leverage inspection and potentially block mouse and keyboard accessories that unreasonably mimics the controller inputs.

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