Snapchat turn round with latest Clear Chats tool which allows users to unsent messages and wipes out whole conversations so friends cannot see them. The feature is similar to the unsent method adopted by Instagram and WhatsApp in the past. The new feature is coming out globally in the next couple of days.

The App is previously famous for its vanishing chats and Story Snaps that goes out of nowhere after 24 hours. The new Clear Chats feature can also unsent embarrassing messages to your friends before they check them. This clearly means no need to regret awkward messages.

The Method:

First of all, users have to update their Snapchat to ensure that they have the new feature. A person who has sent a message and then decides after feeling weird have the option to simply delete that message. All users have to do to erase the message is open up the chat they need to amend and scroll to the message they want to delete. Then they have to press the message and hold it down until the selection to delete it comes out.

If the user decides to delete whatever media they wanted will vanish from the conversation. Friends will surely be aware of the happening that something is removed, but won’t be able to understand what it was. The feature can also be to quickly remove a chat message that contains a typo. 

According to new feature alert: It will be particularly helpful if you’ve by mistake sent a movie spoiler or wrong message to a group of friends rather than sending to other person.

Users can delete all or particular parts of a discussion, even if the message has been saved or viewed, they added. 

The new tool is a solution to many problems whereas it will also turntable for people who humiliate, make trouble and target people on this app. It will be more helpful for them as by roasting the other person they will still have the option to the unsent message even after being viewed. However, the proof can be saved by screenshots before it could be deleted.

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The announcement reported by The Sun says Snapchat’s Clear Chats feature came with another notice that it’ll now let users send Friendmojis or Bitmoji with friends, via iMessage on iPhones and iPads.



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