Environmental policies

Under president Trump authority, the administration proposed a new change in Environmental policies that would probably cause 80,000 deaths per decade. Two Harvard scientist published a research article in the Journal of American medical association, mentioned more deaths due to respiratory problems could affect more people every decade.

The article was written by biostatistician Francesca Dominici and public health economist David Cutler and put forward “an extremely conservative estimate,” which suggests millions of people health are at risk and most of the children would suffer through these conditions, But Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposed the findings are not scientific and article is not peer-reviewed.

Although, if we go through Trumps’s new environmental policies which wants to cancel the Clean power plan, which is an Obama approved policy that put emphasize to use renewable energy sources and abandon coal power. This alone can develop respiratory infection among half a million children over a decade and about 36,000 deaths

“This sobering statistic captures only a small fraction of the cumulative public health damages associated with the full range of rollbacks and systemic actions proposed by the Trump administration,” the researchers said.

“This is not a scientific article, it’s a political article. The science is clear, under President Trump greenhouse gas emissions are down, Super fund sites are being cleaned up at a higher rate than under President Obama, and the federal government is investing more money to improve water infrastructure than ever before,” the EPA said to bloomberg in an interview.

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Moreover, EPA does not consider this column authentic as the agency led by Scott Pruitt who was himself involved in squandering taxpayer money scandal. EPA was also previously known for ignoring other scientific data as well, which clearly shows the agency own politics, motives and they want to keep relation smooth with the government that’s why EPA is not supporting the facts. By doing so they will deliberately damage the health being of many people.