Uber will be able to comprehend if a passenger had drinks and is unconscious before they jump into one of their rides by monitoring their phone. The patent request explains a structure that learns how you normally use the Uber app so that it can identify unusual behavior.

The patent explains a pattern that will ponder upon a couple of factors like typos, how in particular a user clicks also the time of day. The company has applied for a legal system that can foresee a user state. A new artificial advancement from Uber can also figure out that you’re drunk, and just how bad the condition is gone from a usual condition.

CNN initially covered the application in which the reported:

The system would use a series of smartphone interaction measurements to figure out a passenger’s “user state.” The activity it would look at is: “data input accuracy, data input speed, interface interaction behavior, device angle, or walking speed.” It could also possibly take into account data about location, time of day, and other factors

Over the past few years, there have been several cases of traveler violently targeting Uber drivers and passengers accusing drivers of sexual assault.

Things have gone way too wrong. The latest study found that at least 103 Uber drivers in the US have been charged with sexual assault and abuse many customers over the past four years. Many of the police reports and court documents involved passengers who were intoxicated or drunk before getting into the ride.

In some of the reports, drivers have also expressed uneasiness with driving high passengers. They also get shocked at how drunk their passengers get. This tool could provide some clarity or dependability that could ease that worry.

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Most of these cases involve intoxicated aggressive passengers. Uber’s solution use technology to detect drunken people trying to get a ride. It will help the drivers to reject the ride if they feel uncomfortable. The drivers can accept the request if they have training for a deal such passengers.



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