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Vivo, Chinese Phone maker company has already brought in-display fingerprint sensor, a pop up camera system, and a series of bezel-less phones, today the company has announced another new feature to be installed in upcoming models: a 3D new face ID depth-sensing with 3,00,000 sensor points which is 10 times more than Apple face tech in iPhone X that only projects 30,000 IR dots on user’s face.

The new feature will sit next to the front camera and allow a 3D mapping at a distance of three meters from the phone. It sends out a pulse of light and calculates the “time of flight” (TOF) of the light to bounce back to the sensors.

Alex Feng a senior executive at Vivo company siad, “By combining TOF 3D Sensing Technology with AI, we will continue to explore new possibilities for a better future.”

This is a very vast term for this type of technology as it referred to “structured light,” Some other companies had also tried this tech specifically, Vivo’s biggest competitor OPPO have considered working on it but due to heavy investments and complex structural model to incorporate in phones OPPO decided not to go further on this project.

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Besides new face ID, Vivo is planning to merge this feature with AI tech which gives two possible outcomes, first, it improves portrait photography of front camera, second, integrating it with AI beautification Mode which will take full body scan of a person and then pass that information to the system that would intelligently determine and enhanced the picture for you. Another to scan clothes so that image could brighten up accordingly.

Besides these applications, Vivo new feature can be used for motion and gesture recognition as it initiates AR augmented reality applications to scan background furniture and objects. Vivo generally talked about TOF 3D sensor feature on MWC Shangai 2018 this week.

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