Microsoft today announced that the Xbox Insider Program will soon be getting a feature; similar to the Windows Insider Program has the Skip Ahead subset of the Fast ring. This means that Insiders in the Alpha ring will be able to examine Redstone 4 and 5 builds all together and the users will be able to skip the further development branch like Redstone 5.

The skip head update will include new applications and features that are already part of Microsoft’s Redstone 5 wave for the Xbox. Presently Microsoft is testing its next main Windows 10 update, code-named Redstone 5. The Redstone 5 updates for the Xbox will be available to try out by the end of this month, but the company says that users may not always be informed about new features available for testing.

The company also warns the user about the usage of Redstone 5 as it is not as stable as the previous versions. also, users can shift to the previous ring.

The announcement says: “If you’re invited and choose to opt into the new “Alpha – Skip Ahead” ring on Xbox One, please be aware that RS5 builds may be less stable than builds previously open to the Alpha ring. If stability issues concern you, you are welcome to remain in your current ring. You are also welcome to switch into and out of the “Alpha – Skip Ahead” ring at your leisure.”

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After the update, it can be predicted that the Xbox Insider Program is going to be more difficult to understand. The Windows Insider Program has slow, fast and releases preview rings whereas Xbox insider has four knows as Preview Alpha, Preview Beta, Preview Delta and Preview Omega. Also, the requirements to function are different from one and other, Delta and Beta require the user to be an action insider for a specified time whereas the Alpha is invitation purpose only.

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