California Lawmakers

A month ago, Net neutrality bill was rejected by senators, but on Thursday California lawmakers said that they have reached on an agreement to shield the law to move forward which include strong regulatory provisions in the state law.


The Federal Communication Commision (FCC) voted against their own regulations and required equal field on the internet. Before they could pass the law the bill was suspended by the conveyance and communication committee. Moreover, the California lawmakers settled on an agreement of reinstating after the bitter arguments between them, named as Country’s one of the most aggressive approach to revive Obama’s net neutrality era reversed by Trump administration.

A Democrat from San Francisco, said in a statement on Thursday,”For months, we have worked with a broad coalition to pass strong and enforceable net neutrality protections,” Weiner, As internet service providers and media companies like AT&T and Time Warner consolidate, net neutrality is more important than ever.”

The Chairman of committee Assemblyman Miguel Santiago broke the standard way of procedure and enforce a vote on the set of amendments which ultimately demolish the laws of toughest ISP rules in the country. From last two weeks, the lawmakers have been working to restore the regulatory amendments of the net neutrality bill and today Senator Wiener conducted a press conference with both of its cosponsors Sen. Kevin De Leon and Assemblyman Santiago. In which they have announced that those key provisions are going to restore.

Sen. Wiener said in a press conferance today, “This will be the most comprehensive and the strongest net neutrality protection in the United States where we are restoring what we lost when Donald Trump’s FCC obliterated net neutrality,”

“We need to ensure the internet is an open field where everyone has access, the companies that are providing internet access are not picking winners and losers,” said Wiener.

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It seems like the previous suspension was to weaken the bill as now everyone is looking at California lawmakers to set a high standard of reinstating net neutrality protection bill and to change the rules which Republicans force FCC voted to remove. The bill will reinstate by the next few weeks and have until 31st August to be approved by legislators.