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Walt Disney Animation Studio is taking its film production to another level as the company has announced to debut its first-ever virtual reality VR short film. The film ‘Cycles’ is directed by Jeff Gipson who had previously worked on Disney films like Zootopis, Moana, and Frozen.

“We hope more and more people begin to see the emotional weight of VR films, and with Cycles in particular, we hope they will feel the emotions we aimed to convey with our story,” said Gipson.

Disney animation team plans to be a headliner at ACM’s computer graphics conference (SIGGRAPH), also aims to target other forms like VR, AR, and MR entertainment at the conference. This VR film is first for both Disney and director who had joined the animation studio back in 2013 to work as a lighting artist. The film will premier from Aug 12 to 16 at Siggraph 2018, Vancouver, plus the story of Cycles revolve around the meaning of creating a home and portrays the ups and downs of life.

“Every house has a story unique to the people, the characters who live there, We wanted to create a story in this single place and be able to have the viewer witness life happening around them,” Gipson stated.

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The makers think that VR is perfect to go and could beautifully describe the storyline as it depicts an emotional element. In the production of the film, various technical feats are involved along with a new storyboard of different designs, the teams use both Quill VR animations and motion capture to mold their ideas into the 3D world.

As it’s Disney’s first venture in making VR films, though, the subsidiary partner Pixar Animation Studios has experienced VR for its award-winning film Coco. The Pixar studios executives mentioned they want to explore more through VR spin-offs. If media companies like Disney and Pixar would continue to discover more in a virtual world then in future we can see various interesting projects like these.

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