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Huawei is making a smart gamer watch that can store a pair of wireless earbuds. After the gamer watch, the company is studying the option of creating a linked watch with wireless headphones. The Huawei Watch is already considered as one of the best Wear OS smartwatches in the market, the latest one it will be another hit for competitors.

A document spotted by LetsGoDigital reveals one of the tracks studied by the manufacturer. The document indeed concerns a watch model capable of storing a pair of wireless headphones that could be detached before use. They could be stored in a spiral shape that can open or close also can attach magnetically to the watch. As the document has mentioned, numerous locations are visualized. The Bluetooth earphones could be set on either side of the dial or at the level of the fastener.

The wireless earbuds are water resistant and equipped with active noise reduction. The release date of the Huawei Watch 3 is however not yet decided and it’s important to note that just because Huawei has headed for a patent for this tech, it is too early to even expect as the original concept will be preserved by the company in future. Huge corporations usually file official documents for tech that never ends up getting used in an invention. We also know that Huawei investigates a lot of options for its connected watches.

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In May, LetsGoDigital had also covered a Huawei official document on a gamer watch with touch zones to control a game. By moving or pressing the finger in some parts of the bracelet, it would be possible to turn a wheel in a racing game. The patent even included scenarios in which the user holds the watch unfolded with both hands. It remains to wait to find out what the manufacturer has invented.

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