Google has introduced a new function called as Duplex, which will replace human-made calls into robotic. Google voice assistant continues its momentum by making its dialogue tool more impressive. To the point that the new one will be able to call and will exchange dialogues with a human.

Initially, the company introduced its latest phone-calling digital technology in May at a Google Developer conference. For few experts it was too real to judge, whereas others were concerned about it, they thought that it would furtively trace calls of people. Its first revelation prompted a huge criticism against the feature.

Scott Huffman, vice president of engineering at Google Assistant says: “No, we have not created a general artificial intelligence. Clearly, the machine is very far from passing the Turing test. She is not able to pretend to be a human during a long conversation. ”

“Artificial intelligence selects the most appropriate answer from all that it knows,” But as soon as we get out of the scenarios planned by the engineers, (“What is the score of Argentina-Brazil?), The AI ​​is lost and returns to his script:” Hum, I would like to make a reservation,” says Huffman.

To solve the reservations about technology and to assure people that it can work perfectly, Google held a meeting with journalists in New York and California. They explained about Duplex AI system, that it can place booking through extremely human-like talk. It will be used for placing a call at your place to book a restaurant or haircut at your favorite hair salon. It will be enough to verbally put together its demand (for example, to reserve a table for 2 in a particular cafe for a meeting), and Google will take care of the rest like interactions with people on the phone.

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Currently, the automated system is able to handle only four out of five calls, according to the company. For the remaining 20%, the company uses humans in a call center, who can take over in case of a trouble in software. This is necessary for the test phase, but it seems doubtful that Google is ready to hire thousands of people once the system is launched around the world.

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