Microsoft is about to put a dark mode to Outlook.com. Microsoft has been operational in a new dark manner for Outlook.com for the past few months and soon it will be out for the users as the company has announced. The recent progress in this field came not so long after Apple introduced a Dark Mode to macOS.

Team member of Microsoft’s Outlook said in a feedback post, “Thanks for your continual support of Outlook Web. We’ve actually been working on Dark Mode for a few months now and you can expect this in the product soon.”

Microsoft has already applied a dark mode theme in Windows 10 and is just about to make the implementation on its other components, includes Explorer and their To-Do app. Apps like Twitter and Facebook Messenger have already had a constant Dark Mode form quite a while. However, the Redmond Company discloses that the best Dark Mode is in the making of any leading email user and it will be unveiled shortly.

“One reason for the delay is our insistence that we deliver the best Dark Mode of any leading email client (you’ll understand when you see it, I guarantee),” an Outlook.com team member said. He added, “The sneak preview you saw last year at Halloween was a prototype that required a lot more work to be ready for prime time. We’ve redesigned the colors and code multiple times and are proud to enter the final stretch.”

Its development started last year for Halloween. Many users have requested from the company to add the darker mode so they can work smoothly in dark surroundings, it will be good for night work. For Outlook.com users, the dark theme update in the coming months also will be available for beta version and it will be available for plans outside the beta soon after that.

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The decision is still uncertain of when Outlook will receive the Dark Mode. However, the new confirmation is adequate to assume that users will be able to tackle the bright light issues at night. It is a good step for users who work at night time as it will reduce the amount to some extent.