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Reportedly, Microsoft has been working on a new Dual-screen surface device codename Andromeda for the last two years. According to a device patent received by the verge, shows that it is going to be a pocketable device which brings innovation and technology together on the same platform. Microsoft explains Andromeda project as a new basis to “new and disruptive” device.

“It’s a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience,” Microsoft stated.

Last week, Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay explains the company’s hard work that they have been dreaming of this device for over a decade, also, Microsoft is building pocketable surface in collaboration with LG. Microsoft was inspired by a device called Courier, the internal incubation project of making a digital journal which can prove a trademark in the market because at that time Apple’s iPad was also in progress.

Later, Concept outline of Courier discloses which portrays that it is a dual-screen surface device comes with a support of inking and touch. The company previously involved in building Surface products and release some Concept videos which shows the company interest accurately. Like the Surface Hub 2 which is the great example of Microsoft’s passion for large touchscreens and foldable designs.

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On the other side, Samsung too had presented the idea of foldable futuristic devices back at CES in 2013 and still, they are promoting foldable designs because it considered as a doorway to Future transformation. Interestingly these designs show similar tech used in Westworld where multiple tiny screens fold out to make a bigger screen and then folds back to make a pocketable sized phone.

Microsoft really needs to enhance its software to work out this device successfully whereas changing sizes, design and formats are considered to be most difficult to carry out but if the company achieve this milestone then we might able to see a phenomenal Era of Smartphone technology.

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