Today, Pinterest revealed a new social collaborative tool named as the activity feed basically for group boards. They are trying to enhance further the event planning ways as the app has many things which help the users to connect and plan out parties, events, weddings and other sorts of occasions.


Activity feed for group boards will have their own designated field which on the other hand act as a timeline of the recent task like pinned items, comments, likes, to start a new thread, create a new section, or add new members, According to the source. There is also another social structure presents on it that you would love to see in an app, Moreover, the company do have comment support before but to avoid mess each comment had to attach to a specific pin. Now after the update, all the comments arrange in the activity feed so that the conversation is easier to follow.

It will allow users to start a thread of their own on collaborative board for all members to see or made it specific. Pinterest has been trying to position itself as one of the best collaborative event planning app, therefore, it keeps adding new features day by day. Earlier this year in March, Pinterest has introduced the following tab option which classifies all the tabs in their respective categories, in simple words, the algorithm freeboard helps users to discover new ideas from people you follow.

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Last year, it had more than 200 million monthly active users the company thought that it could be a good advertisement pitch if the company provide captivating content, in this way they can also reach to potential customers through these advertising channels. Though, the company keep looking for the feedback which able to help them to look for the loophole and continue to work on these recommendations.