Pokémon Quest

After a month of its announcement and release on Switch, Pokémon Quest ventured on Android and iOS devices. The Pokémon free-to-play, cube-shaped action RPG, Pokémon Quest, is now accessible for users. Players can now visit Tumblecube Island and play with blocky Pokémon.

At the end of May, when many viewers were expecting immense ads to land during the E3 in Los Angeles, Nintendo took a step in advance. For sure, many of the players remember that the first Pokémon Switch arrived on November 16. But it was not the only opus to be presented. With “Quest”, Game Freak tried a new gaming venture using a simple but catchy concept like raise Pokémon, make them fight on small maps, retrieve objects, prepare special foods, evolve your base, the makers already knew the title response would be great.

The company’s franchise appreciated it to “Minecraft meets the simplistic Pokémon spin-off, Pokémon Rumble”

According to The Verge, You can pass a level in Pokémon Quest within no time, making it easy to connect with on a short commute. The game also rewards you with free tickets upon checking in at least once a day, you can grab every 24 hours.

The company is trying to achieve the target of becoming the most downloaded game since its arrival on the store last Wednesday. Pokémon Quest seems to meet a blunt success given what it offers. Indeed, the skill was created to be rather short; the adventure finds its place more easily on Smartphone than on a real console. As for controls, everything is more intuitive on a small screen with his fingers as the main controller.

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Understand that all your progress on the hybrid Nintendo cannot be taken into account on your mobile. A real disappointment is for those who were already well advanced and will have to play from the start, also for players who decided to invest some money. Besides this, Pokémon Quest is now available on smartphones and it would be a shame to miss it.

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