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A few years earlier, Many companies anticipated producing self-driving cars, Like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, said to work on Autonomous Cars and so Google, GM, Nutonomy, and Delphi did. Nutonomy wants to introduce thousands of Driverless taxi on the streets of Singapore, on the other hand, GM outlined fully autonomous cars with no Steering and Drivers to get involved.

Alphabet Inc Waymo is currently testing self-driving cars on some public roads in Arizona While Tesla experimented by keeping cars on autopilot mode and for the safe side allow drivers to take control if anything unexpected happens. Some accidents occurred but as long as the technology is improving we not too far from a totally driverless car.

Gary F. Marcus a AI researcher said, “Driverless cars are like a scientific experiment where we don’t know the answer, To the extent that surprising new things happen, it’s not a good thing for deep learning.”

Over the past few years, Deep learning; a method that uses algorithms to extract structured information from massive data. It also operates Facebook newsfeed, Google search, speech-to-text algorithms, and champion Go-playing systems apart from managing internet it also operates different functions like predicting disease and installed in drones. Though deep learning needs every amount of training data and needs every possible scenario which algorithm will face known as Generalizing skills.

From some time, researchers devising ways if they could improve Generalizing skills and can incorporate in cars so that it automatically runs but conventional deep learning get only worse. The path to autonomy is still long and can be dangerous as two high profiles companies were involved in crashing Uber Technologies Inc. and Tesla Inc.

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“Rather than building AI to solve the pogo stick problem, we should partner with the government to ask people to be lawful and considerate, Safety isn’t just about the quality of the AI technology,” said Marcus.

It leaves Tesla and other Autonomy companies in a bewildered stage as they are presently working on recent techniques of AI to see whether these cars would work with great precision.

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