Uber is partnering with Lime to allow users to rent a scooter directly in the through the app. The ride-sharing giant Uber has announced that users will be able to book a Lime scooter openly in the Uber app on Monday. The statement comes as the Uber earlier announced it contributed in a funding round led by GV, Alphabet’s venture arm, valuing Lime at $1.1 billion.

“Our investment and partnership in Lime is another step towards our vision of becoming a one-stop shop for all your transportation needs,” Rachel Holt, an Uber vice president, said in a statement.

In a blog announcing the deal, Lime founder Toby Sun said Uber had made a “sizable investment”.

Uber will add Lime motorized scooters to the Uber mobile app, giving regular users one more option to ride around cities, just like people casually go on less distance places. Financial details and charges of the new deal were not disclosed.

Kaitlin Durkosh the company’s spokeswoman refused to mention the locations and areas where the option will be accessible for people and when will it become operational. It is also unclear if the company JUMP, Uber paired with in electric bike agreement will continue to practice its plan of scooter fleet.

Customers can rent scooters in more than seventy spots in the U.S. and Europe. The electric scooters work by allowing users to book in close proximity scooter through a Smartphone app, ride around on it for a small fee. At the end all they have to do is to leave them parked for the next consumer to travel. The company is looking to buy 10,000 of power-driven foot-pedal scooters to enlarge its availability.

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The Uber Company’s CEO Dara wants to make Uber into the of transportation. The type of facility for customers through they can go and book a ride in a car or bike also other approaches to travel. Uber is already running a food-delivery service.

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