Incognito Mode

YouTube on Android Getting Incognito Mode, Google started trying on an Incognito mode for YouTube in May. This week the feature started rolling out for all Android users after the testing mode. Now, you don’t have the need to sign out of your account to watch weird stuff. It’s now possible to enable the new mode in your settings. The Sign Out button then changes to read “Turn on Incognito.” Tapping it will bring up the message “You’ve gone incognito.”


The purpose of the feature is when some users want to watch a video on YouTube but could just to avoid it coming up into your recommendations feed and history, It will be a good feature for them.

There will be regular reminders Incognito mode is enabled, the most visual of which is Google’s hat and shades icon in the top right corner. At the bottom of the app it will also have the text “You’re incognito.” As the name indicates, the incognito mode on the YouTube app is same as on the Google Chrome browser, that means the videos that you watch when you’ve gone incognito will not be saved and won’t affect your suggestions whatsoever.

When the feature is activated users won’t be able to add videos to their playlists, they reason is because the history is not being saved so it won’t be possible for the App to add videos to it. Yet activity may still appear “to your employer, school, or internet service provider.” It’s only Google not saving it as part of your account history. After removing Incognito mode it will clear any session activity and will show normal recommendations which usually appear.

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According to Dailymail, the feature is available in YouTube version 13.25.56, which is available to download in the Google Play Store. The mode for YouTube is live now and seems to be a server-side update.