Explorer tab

American video-sharing website, YouTube has announced it on Google Product Forums that a new Explorer tab will be tested by a small group of users. The tab will discover new videos, topics and channels that the user would hardly have discovered otherwise. This is a restricted test initiated by YouTube since it will affect only 1% of users of the application on iPhone


“We’ll be testing on iOS over the new few weeks is a new “Explore” tab, which will help you discover more videos, topics and channels that you might not otherwise see.” The company stated on their forum.

The new Explore tab will still be different from the Recommendations tab in that the former aims to introduce users to a wider set of topics than the Recommendations tab. While, these suggestions will still be based on the videos he watched before.

This is an experimental feature, so only a small group of people using the YouTube app on iPhones will see the Explore tab in the bottom navigation.” They added.

The Explorer tab will appear between the Home and Subscriptions tabs and will therefore take the place of Trends. These will not disappear: they will be placed in a section of this new tab. It would definitely be a way to flourish the minor and new channels that are struggling to come forward on YouTube.

Tim Leung, director of product management for YouTube, explains that while several videos on telescopes have been viewed, the Explorer tab is able to offer content related to high-end cameras. He said that customization will remain the same.

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This concept of discovery is not certainly pioneering but it aims to give a little more variety of stuff for users, according to Tim Leung. At the same time, the new tab is the opportunity to win and increase the amount of new audience for maker.