As human beings, we have to face shortcomings and calamities at different stages of life. We also are not so strong and fast, therefore, engineers are developing technology which will help us to encounter those situations. Humans are slow to evolving they cannot adapt to the varying environment with such ease Whereas Animals have been adapting and changing since the evolution.


To achieve mobility technology scientists have been building biomimetic and bio-inspired labs across the world. Like crafting technology to mimic nature is not a new technology it has been used many times, too, like small inconveniences aerodynamic technology was developed. Humans taking hints from nature to adopt the following ways in order to tackle difficult scenarios.

Dr. Sangbae Kim the associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT and director of the university’s Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory, told TechCrunch, “If you think about mobility technology in the world, the engineers have airplanes in the air, ships in the water, but none of these technologies are available without our artificial modification of the environment,”

Over the past few years, Velcro’s been going through technological advancements and formed some products from it. For instance, the Cheetah 3 robot is a 90-pound rescue robot which was designed to go to the places that are inaccessible to humans like a Power plant and Natural disaster exploration. Cheetah 3 has cat-like reflexes and motion it is able to do running, jumping, avoiding the obstacles in its path while being blind.

“Animals have evolved to be the best at mobility, because, for most of them, it’s critical for survival,” said Kim.

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In 2002, Dr. Anthony Brennan at the University of Florida developed a technique to keep the Naval vessels clean of growing algae, it was based upon shark scales whose unique diamond structure discouraged the microorganism from settling on the surface. Later, Sharklet builds in 2007 by using the same topology it is a non-toxic antibiotic alternative against harmful chemicals.

The other is Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini, this robot weighs about 66 pounds, three feet tall and can stand 90 minutes at one charge. It fits perfect at home or office place and can help with the daily basic things.