Podcast App

Google Podcasts were launched two months back, in June, and the company already announced about the new AI-powered features that will come in future. Recently revealed, a team within the Google is developing a new podcast App called Shortwave which will let users find and play podcasts. The app was revealed by the trademark filing, It explains the core feature of the app as it reads, “users to search, access, and play digital audio files, and to share links to audio files.”


But the trademark filing doesn’t further specify that what kind of audio will be going to accessed through the app, a representative of Google told the verge about the new development that App is focused on spoken word content. Not much information has been yet released on Google’s new project, In previous podcasts app, the company had tried as many features as they can which includes captioning, translation, and other AI-assisted features.

Whereas Google Podcasts lacks basic features like the ability to comment or rate a show, but it is very efficient in searching for a song, preferences, and show recommendations.

A Google Spokesperson said, “One of the many projects that we’re working on within Area 120 is Shortwave, which helps users discover and consume spoken-word audio in new ways,” the spokesperson said. “Like other projects within Area 120, it’s a very early experiment so there aren’t many details to share right now.”

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Podcast App shortwave working process takes place in the Google Area 120 incubator, also, this is unlike many other Google products developed so far. The incubator is also responsible for other Google projects like Reply, Grasshopper, and Pigeon. All these area 120 products can too combine with the company, If shortwave becomes successful in future then chances are it might be added to Podcasts as its feature or can integrate into an existing product.