British Airways (BA) data breached result in stealing of around 380,000 of the airline’s customers personal and financial information. Precisely, the customers who placed bookings from August 21 and September 5 data has been breached involving 380,000 bank cards.

“This breach involved both personal and financial information being stolen which is causing significant problems, not only for BA and its customers but also banks which are struggling to manage the number of incoming calls to cancel credit cards,” Ross Brewer, from security intelligence firm LogRhythm, told The Independent

BA said the hacking take place between 2158 GMT on August 21 and 2045 GMT on September 5, BA told that also no kind of passport or traveling details were stolen, but the credit card information they have hacked means the criminals could use these details to execute fraud and high-value purchases. Moreover, other security firms said that Airline should clarify exactly what kind of other detail has stolen as it could impose a risk on customers.

“We are extremely sorry for what has happened. We know it has caused concern to some of our customers, Our number one purpose is contacting those customers that made those transactions to make sure they contact their credit card bank providers so they can follow their instructions on how to manage that breach of data,” British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz told BBC.

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The full financial impact on British Airways customers might not be noticed immediately because the credit card details have to pass through the criminal’s forums on underground websites before they can be used and cause a financial damage. Other security firms have advised British Airways customers to be aware of scam emails that turn out to take credentials from this hacking, and to avoid further risk should cancel credit and debit cards.

This is not the first time some incident happened at BA, Back in May 2017, British Airways suffered through a system failure caused by power supply issue near Heathrow which affects 75,000 customers and left them stranded.

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