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The social media Giant released an updated version of daily active users of Facebook stories and Messenger Today. It might not be a good news for Snapchat as it reported 181 million daily active users in its second-quarter earnings report in August, according to CNBC.

Facebook said at an event in New York that it has now 300 million daily users across two services. It is not confirmed that whether the daily active users watch stories through Messenger or Facebook App, In May 2017 the company revealed it had 150 daily active users of Facebook stories and Last September they counted 70 Million at Messenger, together they make at least 220 million users. Now this year they reached 300 million active users.

“When we first formed the team . . . we brought in filmmakers and cinematographers to help the broader team understand the tropes around storytelling and filmmaking,” says Dantley Davis, Facebook Stories’ director of design. We’re working on formats to enable people to take the video they have and turn it into something special.”

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On Wednesday, Facebook also announced new plans to introduce ads on to Facebook Stories all over the world, and it will operate the same as Instagram. Facebook said they are not worried about having competition for stories users between its own apps. As per the Ipsos study which is commisioned by Facebook found out that almost 68 percent of people use the stories feature on at least three apps daily.

Although, Facebook has an incentive to make the stories feature more successful, and even attain 300 million number of users by combining figures from two sources, not providing the facts from where users access stories and where prefer to post the content. For now, it seems like Snapchat is way behind from the Facebook and it might as well possible that Facebook daily active users number grows more in the coming time.

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