Google Chrome

At the start of this Month, Google celebrated the 11th anniversary of Chrome by presenting a Google Material Theme for the browser, smarter Omnibar, and a bunch of other useful features. They have also released the latest beta version of Google Chrome 70 that supports touch sensitive web authentication for Android and MAC devices. It altogether adds an extra security feature to the browser.


“Mac’s Touch ID and Android’s fingerprint sensor would allow developers to access biometric authenticators, The shape detection application programming interface (API) consists of face detection, barcode detection and text detection APIs,” Google wrote in a blog post this week.

The new update will allow the Google Chrome to use the Andriod fingerprint scanners and MacBook Pro Touch ID sensors for its scans. The 70 beta supports a shape detection feature that would enable detection abilities of the device to be available on the web which lets users verify faces, texts, and images. There is no further information present whether other forms of the biometric security system like Windows Hello fingerprint scanners or Touch ID on older iOS devices which get this update or not.

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In addition, it also has other few interesting features: it supports web Bluetooth for Windows 10 that would give it an option to communicate with other nearby Bluetooth devices. Other then this it includes an automatic full-screen exit when dialogue boxes for authentication prompt, payments or file pickers pop up for the users to have better context when filling those prompts out. It will give a notification to users to honor an application request for performance, security, or by any other reasons.

Google Chrome 70 beta version of the web browser is available on Android, Chrome operating system (OS), Linux, macOS, and Windows.