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The Verge reported on Wednesday, Instagram is working on a standalone app for shopping. The app will be called IG shopping which let users browse collections of Goods from the retailers they follow and purchase them directly within the app. It is not confirmed when will the app launch, but the working on this App is still ongoing and there is always a chance it could get killed before it ever makes to the market.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg explained about the company’s recent earnings call and almost 25 million businesses to have an Instagram account, in which 2 millions of them are advertisers. If we look closely Four out of five Instagram users follow at least one business retailers page on the app, so the company thought of providing a separate platform for the increasing activity on Instagram, which ultimately expands ways to generate revenues.

Facebook could also develop tools for the merchants over the time to increase their business, directly challenging e-commerce program like Shopify, told a person who is familiar with the company’s plans. Most of the new flourishing business needs an Instagram account and if the paid marketing tools become available surely many of them going to use it.

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Furthermore, Some Firms already providing these services to Instagram advertisers, For instance, Four sixty which helps the business to create shoppable photo galleries, content moderation, post scheduling, and other services. Like the Shopify app store contains many plugins which are related to the promotion and marketing of Instagram-based businesses.

The company starts a shopping feature in November 2016, and in March of 2017, they widely begin to promote it. Companies can make a photo gallery of the related products and can tag posts of individual products, following shopping feature the company is also testing that how users can shop from Instagram stories. Shopping app is not only the standalone project of the company, back in June, the social media giant launched IGTV which is considered as the Youtube competitor.


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