Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is receiving an update that will stop users from accidentally activating the Bixby virtual assistant. Samsung wanted to integrate Bixby virtual on one of its flagship phones but it needs a lot of work if Bixby ever going to hold of the device, as the dedicated button on the Samsung phone is a pain.

The physical placement of the button is underneath the volume button present at the side of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It sometimes gets a bit annoying for the users that they can’t change Bixby button’s function to unlock your preferred Virtual assistant. Since its arrival, the Bixby button remains controversial because of its incorporation in Samsung handsets as it puts the direct competition to Google assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

Moreover, if we look at the past, the company gave us an option to disable the Bixby button but on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this option is not available. However, this latest update is at least giving a choice to the Samsung users that restrain them from launching Bixby via the Bixby button.

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Once you have updated to the latest version of Bixby then in the settings you would be able to choose how that Button work. It is up to you whether to launch the Bixby with a single tap or with the double tap, with the double pressing obviously the chances of accidental opening of Bixby will get reduce. Because you have to hit it twice rapidly to open it.

Maybe in the future, you obtain a chance to get rid of it totally, but for now, you can turn the latest update Samsung Galaxy Note 9 by launching Bixby and press the three dot button menu in the top right corner. Then simply go to Settings > About Bixby and tap the “Update” button.

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