Samsung Note 9

Some time ago, Samsung Note 9 debuted in new different colors like lavender and deep blue with a bright yellow S Pen, and now the company decided to bring two more shades in the US market which is Cloud Silver and Midnight Black. The cloud silver Note 9 has the exact glass back just like existing Samsung note 9 models with a shimmery touch on Silver paint beneath the cover.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a huge 6.4-inch screen and massive 1TB-capable storage. At launch, the Note 9 was only available in Blue and lavender in the U.S, it is a nice change on the part of the Company as most of the phones are already available in Black and White.

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The sale of Silver cloud color starting on October 5 and you can easily buy it from Best Buy in carrier-locked and unlocked versions or unlocked one present on its own website. On the other hand, Midnight Black a 128GB version which will arrive later on October 12th while the 512GB version will available from 26 October. Both the Cloud silver and Midnight black Note 9 acquire same-colored silver or black S-Pen stylus.

In Note 9 the lavender purple color has a lavender color stylus pen and the Ocean Blue has a unique kind of snazzy yellow Stylus Pen. It seems like Samsung likes to roll out different new colors every after few months of launching, It might be an idea to boost interest of people because they have remained in the store for quite a while. Too, the specs and price of new colored models will remain the same which is 128GB models selling for $1,000 and 512GB models selling for $1,250.

A few days ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is receiving an update that will stop users from accidentally activating the Bixby virtual assistant. The physical placement of the button is underneath the volume button present at the side of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.