Twitter is launching a new audio-only broadcast feature from its periscope platform which allows users to create and broadcast directly from Twitter itself. For a few weeks, the social media giant has been working on this feature and today at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced it is publically available for all iOS users of the Twitter app and its live-streaming app Periscope.


Once it updated, go to the compose screen on Twitter and tap on the “Go Live” button, it will show you a standard live-streaming screen. After that, a microphone icon to toggle will appear which is the “audio-only broadcast” option on or off. Twitter’s Periscope and live video platform have somehow diminished in recent time because the public interest shifted from live-streaming, viral moments, and breaking news towards professional media and gaming-centric content on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

Twitter knows the importance of live events, sporting matches, award shows, breaking news, and around events which becomes the highlight of social media. Therefore, In February the company said it will start local news broadcasts during breaking news. It has also started live event push notification to get the interested users informed about it, besides this, the timestamp-specific linking which compel people to share the live broadcast more.

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This recent update explains the feature is valuable at those times when you want viewers to hear you and not to see you. This also allows people to share live news on Twitter, record sharable mini-podcasts, or want to say something to your followers it just takes 280 characters to explain. Like the live video, you can check the status of your audio broadcast, the number of live viewers, replay viewers, time watched and other metrics. It will interesting to see how this feature would turn out among users.