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The Amazon dismissed an employee after being suspected to share customer’s e-mail addresses with an unnamed third-party app seller, which is against the company’s policy. In September, Amazon confirmed that some of its rivals have bribed Amazon employees to delete negative reviews or obtain proprietary information like sales data or customer e-mail addresses, following a report in The Wall Street Journal


“The individual responsible for this incident has been terminated from their position, and we are supporting law enforcement in their prosecution,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement Friday.

Amazon clarifies that only e-mail address was taken by the employee and not the other any customer information. Accepting the responsibility the company started emailing all the customers about the incident. Amazon said that the third-party seller is a merchant that sells on Amazon’s website, although the company refuses to provide any further information about this merchant. It is also said that seller has blocked from the website.

Too, Amazon declined to give details of the employee, Amazon believes that maintaining customer’s data is an important part of the company rules. As they hold personal information, including credit and debit card numbers, for over 300 million accounts across the world.

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The reports of Amazon dismissed the employee come after the wall street journal give the news of investigating alleged data leaks at the company. The data include employees providing customer’s email addresses to sellers, the reports also said the practice was more widespread in China.

It is not clear yet whether the firing is connected to the previously reported investigations.

The company also revealed a few days ago the Alexa app is getting a major visual revamp which focuses on helping users set up and control their smart home devices.