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Facebook is working on an unsend feature for Messenger


In April, Facebook has disclosed the new that the company had secretly deleted old texts of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, some take it as exploitation of Power because the Messenger does not have an unsent button. The very next day Facebook has announced they are working on the unsend feature which will soon available to everyone.

Now, recently Facebook talked about its progress on the feature after nearly six months. Tech tipster Jane Machun Wong managed to generate screenshots of this prototype unsend feature from Facebook messenger Andriod code as well as Activity screentime dashboard, Instagram’s video calling, music stickers, and other many features.

“Though we have nothing to announce today, we have previously confirmed that we intend to ship a feature like this and are still planning to do so,” said Facebook.

Presently. you can just delete a message from your own inbox, it will still remain in the recipient’s inbox. But with this new updated version of the Unsend feature, you will be able to remove the message from both sides of a conversation just like you do in Instagram and WhatsApp. Although there will a time limit in which you have to delete it otherwise you cannot unsend it.

“Facebook internally tests products and features before they ship to the public so we can ensure the quality of the experience, confirmed a Facebook Spokesperson.

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Moreover, Unsend feature would be very useful for the people who mistakenly send a text to the wrong person, which they should not have. Snapchat message on the other hand automatically deletes the message unless saved by the user.

Facebook has to make sure that the unsend feature does not become a way to bullies, it means to allow users to turn off the ability for the friends to unsend the message on a thread by thread basis.

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