Google store

According to some reports, Google store is now offering repair service for pixel phones which is outside of warranty. So if you are in the US and your Pixel mobile is broken, you can get your Device to Google to fix it instead of taking it to a third-party company. The Google store has opened a virtual repair center that gives you an option to Mail the help center in order to repair your Pixel and Pixel 2 devices.


The repair program will cover all four Pixel phones including XL versions, also the second generation handsets come with 12 months of warranty extended by the company after receiving complains about bad quality. The mail-in repair service requires your device’s IMEI number. After entering the number you can describe your problem which you are experiencing with your phone, so the company knows they are not dealing with a cracked display or any physical issues.

The repair work will be completed in seven to ten days, depending upon how big is the problem. You can also get a free repair if your handset is still under warranty. According to the new service FAQs, Google will send you a prepaid packaging from two to three days after you open your repair ticket, you can also pack your device by yourself.

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As the program involves sending your device to the Google repair center, therefore, the chance of Service to making its way to other countries is likely to be zero. Even in the US, Google announces that mail-in repair service might not be available to all people across the country.

Right now, the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL are eligible for this, though the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will obviously be added once they launch, according to the Andriod Police.