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In the history of the Facebook biggest security breaches where hackers accessed personal data of almost 30 million users. Last month, a group of hackers used unauthorized access to reach millions of accounts and today the social media giant released a statement in which they told Hackers grant tokens for 30 million accounts, allowing them to gain complete access to their profiles.

In this matter Guy Rosen who is Facebook vice-president said to the reporters on Friday, “We take these incidents really, really seriously,” he further said that the FBI is actively investigating the data breach and advised not to reveal who might be behind this act or any other kind of details related to the case which could compromise their investigation.

In those 30 million accounts, the hackers access the basic information for 14 million accounts and additional information like gender, religion, location, device information, and the 15 most recent searches for another 15 million accounts. No information accessed for the rest of one million accounts. The company claims that the extent of the attack is still unknown and therefore, had not ruled out other possibilities of “smaller-scale attacks” linked to the accessed personal data.

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Facebook also said that they will continue to investigate the other ways to reach the people who are behind this attack. They have promised to warn all the 30 million users about the hacking through data help center, no information has been taken from the third-party apps linked with the Facebook including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. There is also no information whether the hackers uploaded any content while logged in.

The first attack prompt on the 14th of September which later Facebook identified as a malicious activity. The problem was solved in two days and a notification about the issue was sent to all users in accordance with GDPR and breach disclosure laws. Too, it is not confirmed whether the hackers targeting a particular country or they are are disclosing Facebook vulnerabilities.

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