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According to the center of Medicare and Medicaid services, a group of Hackers breached the government healthcare system and compromised the personal data for 75,000 individuals, earlier this week. Center or Medicare is a government system which is used by insurance agents and brokers to help customers sign up for health care plans and other information related to it.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services confirmed the breach in an announcement, on Friday 13th of October.

The healthcare system issued a statement in which they said, “Officials are working to identify the individuals potentially impacted as quickly as possible so that we can notify them and provide resources such as credit protection.”

The company also revealed other few details about the attack in which they explain the system detected an anomalous activity in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges or FFE’s Direct Enrollment pathway for agents and brokers. This system was used by agents and brokers in which customer’s data is stored, almost 75,000 individuals’ files were accessed. After the data breached was verified the company ordered further investigation so that no data can be misused.

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The hacked computer system is directly connected to website, it is the front facing portal for customer applying for an insurance plan under former President Obama’s health care law, the Affordable Care Act. Hackers attack behind-the-scenes system which insurance used to directly enroll customers in new plans and not the consumer site itself.

In order to apply for healthcare plans, Customers have to give a lot of data like names, addresses, and their social security number. Moreover, the Center for Medicare services did not exactly mention what kind of data was included in the stolen files and how the breach takes place, they called for further investigation.

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