Wi-Fi chips

Qualcomm is launching a series of new Wi-Fi chips which promises to provide high-speed internet speed. It will give speed up to 10 gigabits per second to phones, laptops, routers, and so on. The Wi-Fi chips start a new generation and set a super fast standard for all the internet users. Wi-Fi is changing and over the next year, we will get a WiFi 6 support for routers, phones, laptops, and other devices.


Qualcomm new chipsets comprise of 60GHz named QCA64x8 and QCA64x1 which gives you a speed equivalent to the 5G WiFi connection. There is another type of Wi-Fi which is made for only specific purposes like replacing a virtual reality headset data cable with a high-speed wireless link. Wifi has already used for purposes like these, this technology is known as WiGig.

According to the Dino Bekis, the head of Qualcomm’s mobile and computer connectivity group says that WiGig uses 802.11ad WiFi connections standard, it offers a connection speed up to 5Gbps within a range of 10 meters. He also says that the new WiFi increases data rates of WiGig and improves spectrum efficiency and reduces latency.

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The high-speed Wi-Fi is based on millimeter wave radio waves in a 60Ghz range, it is fast but cannot pass the obstacles, like a wall. WiGig will be competing with 5G which is not meant to be used in homes. The two of them compete with each other for delivering internet from a tower to home. It is what Facebook telegraph is doing with WiGig and Verizon is doing with 5G.

Moreover, It is very beneficial for the users who want a high-speed connection, in order to make the connection function well the user have to work in the same room because of the router’s limitations.