Razer phone 2

Yesterday, Razer revealed Razer phone 2 at a keynote led by CEO Min-Liang Tan. Some previous leaks have shown that it looks very similar to Company’s original smartphone. Just before the launch, the original Amazon listing has revealed some more details about the phone and it appears to be a much-upgraded phone in many ways.


First of all, Razer phone 2 back side logo will now light up and RGB customizable. Secondly, the company has decided to add wireless charging to the device. Also, Razer has changed its rear design to a brand new one and moved towards Aluminum Glossy glass. The device also comes with IP67 water and dust resistant technology.

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The display screen is 5.7-inch, featured a 1440p that gives you refresh rates up to 120Hz for smoother scrolling and gaming processes. The main attracting feature about the smartphone is the 120Hz fluidity delivered on a smartphone so far, even Apple has not applied iPad’s ProMotion display technology to its iPhones yet. Moving on to the other specs, the hardware is now upgraded and operated on Snapdragon 845 with a storage of 64GB and RAM 8 GB. It also acquired big, loud, standout speakers.

Two things which are not mentioned in the leaks are the battery capacity and Razer phone 2 cameras. Camera technology is something where the company is lacking behind, if they want to compete in the market then they must have to make other features more promising. The leaked images show the camera placement is just above the logo, present in the center, with the flash which is dividing the lens.

Overall, it look like Razer phone 2 is coming with better upgrades, however, we have to wait for how the phone turned out to be until its official release.