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Tesla has announced a new Mid-range battery version of Model 3 which starts at $45,000. Recently CEO Elon Muk revealed the new variant which has an estimated battery range of 260 miles. The company has updated the information on the website that customers in the US can order the Mid-range car, and for Canada customers, it will also become available there soon.

Musk said this new Mid-range costs after federal and state tax rebates in California, too, the company will deliver the electric mid-range car in 6 to 10 weeks. It means the customers who order the car in late October or November will be able to get the full tax credit.

a Tesla spokesperson said in an emailed statement, “As Model 3 production and sales continue to grow rapidly, we’ve achieved a steady volume in manufacturing capacity, allowing us to diversify our product offering to even more customers, Our new Mid-Range Battery is being introduced this week in the U.S. and Canada to better meet the varying range needs of the many customers eager to own Model 3, and our delivery estimate for customers who have ordered the Standard Battery is 4-6 months.”

At the start of this year, Tesla accomplished its 200,000th electric vehicle, this achievement started a countdown for the $7,500 federal tax credit given to consumers who buy new electric vehicles. The tax credit started when the company manufacturers have sold 200,000 qualifying vehicles in the U.S. Under these policies, Tesla customers take the delivery of their new Model S, Model X or Model 3 by December 31.

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Must write in a tweet, “Non-cell portion of the pack is disproportionately high, but we can get it done now instead of February,”

One thing to be mentioned here, this mid-range battery model is cheaper than the long-range dual-motor Model 3 and performance wise it is still not the $35,000 base-spec Model 3. The low-cost model also equipped with a standard battery with a different architecture design, it won’t be available for 4-6 months.

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