Cloud-based robotics

Amazon Re:Invent week 2018 started with the launch of AWS RoboMaker, which is the cloud-based robotics service that uses the widely deployed source software Robot Operating System (ROS). The aim is to develop an environment and offers developers a platform to test robotics applications. It works with other services of AWS (Amazon Web Service) including Amazon Rekognition video-analysis service and the Amazon Polly speech-generation service.


The launch of the AWS Robomaker is to help developers use robots in commercial and industrial cooperation and ultimately speed up the time of development processes by reducing Human efforts. Most of the manufacturing companies are embracing Robots that it could have a positive impact on the Economy. Although, managing and operating robots using the only standard software-development technique which is somehow difficult as compared to the features operated by apps.

“AWS RoboMaker automatically provisions the underlying infrastructure and it downloads, compiles, and configures the operating system, development software, and ROS,” the company writes. “AWS Cloud-based robotics simulation makes it easy to set up large-scale and parallel simulations with pre-built worlds, such as indoor rooms, retail stores, and racing tracks, so developers can test their applications on-demand and run multiple simulations in parallel.”

“AWS’s contributions to ROS2 include real-time messaging, security, and authentication, as well as working with the robotics community to migrate source code packages from ROS1 to ROS2,” the cloud leader said in the Press Release.

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Among the tools offered by the services are Amazon’s machine learning technologies and analytics that enhance the real world robotics development. Amazon is taking a more serious look at the robotics field, and the company has a long deployed warehouse robotics. The feature will be functionally active on this Holiday season, Amazon is also working to pick and place robots to help speed up fulfillment.

There are some rumors about Amazon working on a home robot which will reveal the next year 2019.