Keeping aside all the jokes circulating on whatsapp regarding one iphone X face ID being unlocked by whole of japan (don’t think of me as a racist please :p), A Vietnamese cybersecurity firm “Bkav” claimed it was able to bypass Face ID with a cobbled-together mask, due to which Apple has recently been reported using the ”hyper-realistic masks” to test false attempts at logging into the iPhone X with Face ID.

Hyper-realistic face masks have found sudden huge popularity in the tech industry, Reuters reports. The masks, which cost about 0.3 million yen each to create, are made of resin and plastic by “REAL-f Co.”(A small company in Japan) at the company’s location in Otsu. They translate facial data from high-quality photographs to 3D masks, replicating the minutest details of a person’s face, down to the skin wrinkles.

The company’s founder, Osamu Kitagawa, believes that the masks will be surely used in the future to produce humanoid robots at much cheaper costs.the company expects to see the use of their masks in the field of medicine (surgery specifically).

Kitagawa foresees the extensive use of his technology developed by effort of two years in improving the security measures based on facial recognition. Car companies, security companies and software developers are now employing this tech in testing of the reliability of their softwares.

“I am proud that my product is helping further development of facial recognition technology,” Kitagawa tells Reuters. “I hope that the developers would enhance face identification accuracy using these realistic masks.”

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Of course these masks have a lot of applications, but I want to ask one major question “what if the same realistic masks are used tomorrow to bypass the very same tech being trained and improved by them”?

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