healthcare initiatives

Google has hired Geisinger as new Health care CEO, David Feinberg to supervise its many healthcare initiatives. Also, AI Chief Jeff Dean is working closely and been interviewing candidates with Google CEO in order to organize Google’s various health-related projects. The candidates were interviewed for the following fields: health consulting, hospital management and insurance. According to some sources, The research has been under process for some time.

Google was always interested in health care projects, therefore, in 2008, the company launched a project called Google Health whose purpose was to gather patients’ medical data stored by different providers. This initiative has ultimately made way for Google Fit a WearOS smartwatches a fitness system for the Andriod phones. Google Fit is the company’s only product that aimed at health whereas Nest, a Google home subsidiary might also be looking to get into digital health business.

According to CNBC, Jeff Dean is currently managing Google Brain which is a research team of deep learning AI and also looking at a project alongside side known as ‘Medical Digital Assist.’ It uses AI-powered speech recognition to assist Doctors to take notes during a Hospital visit.

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Other teams of Google like Search and could that have been helping in Healthcare initiatives, assisting them in adding fact-checked medical information to the Knowledge Graph, and offering cloud services to health care providers. Google parent alphabet also owns a development organization and two research centers named Verily and Calico. Recently, Google and Verily scientist used machines to analyze eye scan datasets of 300,000 patients and access patient risk about being getting the heart disease.

On the other hand, Calico has set to cure death and to increase Human lifespan with a $1.5 billion investment from the company. Google also experimenting on the genomes to unlock the secrets of aging along with some tests which involve naked mole rats.